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Introducing Stratum!

After unprecedented supply chain challenges in year 2021, companies globally are looking to understand what the next year holds. Raw material prices have gone through the roof, and extraordinarily high freight costs and long transit times continue to pose questions about whether a global supply base makes sense in today’s world. US and European manufacturing continues to be affected by previously unseen levels of demand as well as labor shortages.

It is therefore our immense pleasure to announce the launch of our company, Stratum Sourcing Inc with the goal to assist Procurement and Supply Chain executives navigate these complex and unprecedented challenges, while containing costs, mitigating risks, ensuring a well performing supply base, and equipping their current and new staff with skills required to function effectively.

At Stratum, we bring deep Procurement and Supply Chain experience, expertise and knowledge of global supply base, coupled with staff located in the United States and Asia. We aim to offer Consulting, Training and Sourcing Services to clients focused primarily in mid-market manufacturing industries.

We are excited about the future, and the potential to work with our clients to solve their most complex problems. Please contact us with your needs, our team is happy to help!

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